How to install Avalon Petgrass correctly in 4 simple steps?

At Avalon Grass, we understand how important pets are to their owners. That is why we have developed Avalon Petgrass, an artificial grass specifically designed for pets. The unique features of this artificial grass can offer huge benefits to your customers. Offering the right artificial grass is just the first step to a satisfied customer. Installation can make a difference in the final experience your customer has with the artificial grass.

Avalon not only specialises in producing the best artificial grass, we are also happy to support you during installation by providing tips. We like to ensure that your customer is completely satisfied with the end result. But how do you properly install Avalon Petgrass? We are happy to take you through the installation process.

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What are the advantages of Avalon Petgrass?

Due to its knitted structure and choice of material, we have launched a unique artificial grass. With this artificial grass in the range, you can stand out from the competition. Avalon Petgrass has many advantages, namely:

  • The knitted structure of the artificial grass makes it extra strong and well anchored in the back;
  • The knitted structure offers optimal moisture permeability (factor 400);
  • Avalon Petgrass is easy to clean with a garden hose or high-pressure sprayer;
  • Due to the secure choice of materials, no unwanted odours linger;

The right foundation for installing artificial grass

Let's start at the beginning, the sub-base. Perhaps the most important part. After all, a solid foundation is crucial for the quality of the final product. During the preparation of the sub-base, a number of components come into play. We will go through these step by step.

Removing the existing natural grass

The first step of the installation process of Avalon Petgrass is to remove the existing natural grass, gravel or tiles. Next, the soil must be excavated to the desired depth. This can vary from project to project.

Installation of a wooden mould (edging)

Once the previous step has been carried out with accuracy, it is time to install the edging. This edging performs an important function during the installation of the artificial grass, as this wooden edge acts as a sturdy frame on which the grass is mounted. Not only does this provide a sleek finish, but it is also crucial for edging the Petgrass. .

Correctly installing these edges is essential to ensure the highest quality of Avalon Petgrass for your customer.

Backfilling with crushed stone

Once the edging has been installed, a permeable base can be applied. Our advice? Crushed stone. Using crushed stone ensures good drainage and prevents water from accumulating under the artificial grass. Important to remember: the layer under the artificial grass should not contain sand or lava. Sand and lava are naturally moisture-absorbent and can retain unpleasant odours. After filling, it is important that the crushed stone is properly compacted and levelled.

Did you know that you can also use Avalon DrainPanels for the sub-base? This durable tile system forms a permeable sub-base and surfacing for Avalon Petgrass. More information about this unique system?

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Installing Avalon Petgrass

Once the above steps have been carried out correctly, the Avalon Petgrass can be installed. After rolling out the artificial grass, necessary joints can be made. The artificial grass is then pulled into place and stretched tightly to be attached to the mounted frame.

After completing this professional installation, your customer can be delighted with a beautiful garden, which is animal-friendly, more hygienic and easy to maintain.

Watch the video below to go through the above steps again.

Avalon Grass is the producer of artificial grass for pets

Avalon Petgrass is a unique artificial grass product specially developed for pets. Avalon Grass itself is the developer and producer of this type of artificial grass, which we are the only European manufacturer able to offer. The artificial grass is produced in our own factory in Genemuiden. When developing this special artificial grass product, we took into account the properties required for safe and sustainable use by pets.

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