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On this page, you will find a number of frequently asked questions. Is your question not there? Then please contact us.


No. Avalon Grass is a manufacturer and only supplies to other businesses. We can provide points of sale in your country or region on request.

Avalon Grass now supplies in over 50 countries. Our customers include specialised grass wholesalers (professionals), agricultural engineering companies, installers, sports marketing companies, internet companies, industry, finishing companies, carpet wholesalers, garden centres, large retail chains and DIY stores.

Avalon Grass focuses entirely on the production of high-quality and innovative artificial grasses. Our customers take care of the installation of our products themselves. Are you looking for an installer for your artificial grass? On request, Avalon Grass can provide a list of suppliers in your country or region.

Buying your artificial grass from Avalon Grass brings many advantages. For instance, you benefit from our high stock positions. We also offer extensive service and you have a dedicated contact person. You can communicate quickly with us and have access to our large stocks. This allows us to provide you with optimum support in your contacts with your own customers.

You can place an order with Avalon Grass starting from 100m2. That is 1 standard roll of 4m x 25.2m.

In most cases, the standard size is 4m x 25.2m. It is also possible to supply this in 2 rolls of 2m x 25.2m.

This varies per type of artificial grass. Usually this works out to about 2500m2 (25 rolls).

No, we only supply standard rolls of 4m x 25.2m. Our customers usually cut the rolls themselves.

We normally have all types of artificial grass in stock. If not, you can expect a delivery time of approximately 2 to 3 weeks. 

Yes, that is possible. To request samples, please fill in the sample form.

We apply standard rates depending on the location of your company, from 1 roll of artificial grass to a full truck. Our sales staff will be happy to explain further.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, we apply a delivery time of 1 to 2 working days.

We give a standard 7-year manufacturer's warranty on our artificial grasses.

Yes, we have glue and glue tape in stock and can deliver them on a pallet in the truck. Please contact one of our sales staff for more information.

Avalon Grass has more than 60 types of artificial grass in its range. Our prices range from €7 to €25 per m2.

Avalon Grass mainly produces landscaping artificial grasses (80% of production), but we also supply (multi-)sports, playground, hybrid artificial grass and artificial grass especially for pets.

Avalon does not offer artificial grasses with, for example, FIFA or FIH certifications.

We recommend always sanding the artificial grass. In addition to reinforcing the base of the artificial grass mat, the sand provides extra support to artificial grass yarns so they stay upright better. In addition, sand as part of the artificial grass system acts as a cooling factor on hot summer days.

This varies depending on the type of artificial grass. As a rule of thumb for a 40mm artificial grass, we use the following:

- 600m2 on 2 loading metres
- 1200m2 on 4 loading metres
- 2400m2 on 8 loading metres

Yes, please contact one of our sales staff for this information. 

Yes, click here to download this maintenance manual.

Avalon Grass has a large range of artificial grasses for balconies, around swimming pools, in front and back gardens, on roundabouts, etc. Please contact one of our sales staff for tailor-made advice.

These are mainly the entry-level artificial grasses. Avalon Grass has several options in its range for this. Please contact our sales team for appropriate advice.

At Avalon Grass, we regularly have stock lots, limited editions or B-quality artificial grasses on sale. Please contact one of our sales team to discuss the possibilities.

You can load your artificial grass rolls at our loading address:

Avalon Warehouse
Fabrieksstraat 13
8281 BW Genemuiden

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM - 18:00 PM
Weekends and holidays: closed

Avalon Urban Hybrid

The Avalon Urban Hybrid can be treated with both organic and chemical herbicides.

We give a 7-year warranty on the Avalon Urban Hybrid.

You can top-dress and/or scarify the natural grass.

We wrote a blog especially for installing the Avalon Urban Hybrid. Read it here.

The natural grass can be cut without any problems. However, we do ask you to set the blade not lower than 30mm, as the synthetic fibres are 26mm long.

Yes, a bush mower can be used to cut the weeds around the perimeter of the installation.

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