Non-directional artificial grass

Avalon is the specialist in developing and producing non-directional artificial grasses

The benefits of Avalon Grass non-directional artificial grass

  • the combination of non-directional yarns with straight yarns
  • prevents stripe formation
  • natural look, thanks to the use of no fewer than 10 different shades of green
  • excellent resilience through the use of 1 or more texturised yarns
  • 7-year guarantee


The first producer with natural artificial grass

Traditional artificial grass for gardens, parks, roadsides and roundabouts as we know them today have been available since the year 2000. This type of artificial grass consists of straight fibres with texturised fibres underneath. This generation of artificial grass always looks straight and perfect. This can sometimes give the lawn a carpet-like appearance, making it look less natural.

Avalon is a headstrong trendsetter in the artificial grass market and goes one step further. The goal is to create artificial grass with an even more natural look. Our unique non-directional artificial grass was created from this vision and conviction. The most natural artificial grass on the market!

The best non-directional artificial grass based on study

Avalon is constantly looking for the most natural artificial grass, or artificial grass with the ultimate look and feel. To achieve the most realistic artificial grass, we have conducted thorough research on natural grass. We have discussed the results of this research with our raw material suppliers. With natural grass, all individual blades are unique in shape and direction. By combining different yarns in the non-directional series, we succeeded in creating a perfect artificial alternative. The non-directional series is therefore the most natural artificial grass.

Natural artificial grass with a wow-effect

With the non-directional series, you have artificial grass products with a WOW effect! The artificial grasses have an amazingly natural appearance, putting your customers one step ahead of the competition.


Our product details

7-year guarantee
Quality assured

For a natural look

Made in Holland
Artificial grass of dutch origin

Always resilient

UV stability
Colourfast and shrink-proof

You will notice the difference

Request your samples here

Our test samples allow you to see and experience for yourself which Avalon Grass product you need. The samples we send you give you the best impression of texture and material. You will also receive the technical specifications for each product. Would you like to receive a custom-made sample pack? Then use this form to request your samples. 

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