Avalon Petgrass videos

In this video gallery you will find a unique collection of videos about Avalon Petgrass. An artificial grass made specifically for dogs.

Take a look at the manufacturing process of Avalon Petgrass. Avalon Petgrass is an artificial grass produced specifically for dogs.



See how to correctly install Avalon Petgrass in a few steps here.


Artificial grass for dogs

Often dogs use grass to do their needs on the. With Avalon Petgrass, this is not a problem. The knitting technique used during the manufacturing process makes the artificial grass not only strong, but also highly permeable to moisture. This means that urine drains easily and residue from excrement is easily flushed away. Because of this moisture permeability, the artificial grass will not stink and will not leave behind unpleasant odors.

In addition, this artificial grass is animal-friendly and not harmful to dogs.

Our product details

7-year guarantee
Quality assured

For a natural look

Made in Holland
Artificial grass of dutch origin

Always resilient

UV stability
Colourfast and shrink-proof

Additional possibilities

For your own sales and marketing

Avalon Petgrass is a high-quality innovative product in the market, with plenty of possibilities and opportunities. Avalon Grass will be happy to support you in taking advantage of these. So that you can use this product in the best possible way for your customers. Curious? Get in touch.

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