The promise of Avalon Grass

Innovative high-quality artificial grass with a natural look

You want to deliver the best artificial grass to your customers. Avalon Grass supports you in this. Our high-quality artificial grasses are versatile, innovative and can be applied in several ways. Our collections offer a broad spectrum of high-quality artificial grasses. We produce and develop the artificial grasses ourselves in the Netherlands. During this development and production, attention is paid within each product group to aspects such as shock-absorption, resilience, sustainability and natural appearance. In this way, Avalon Grass ensures that you can optimally serve your customers and provide them with a suitable product.

Our products

Lawns & Landscapes Landscaping artificial grass with a natural look View
Avalon Petgrass Special knitted artificial grass for pets View
Avalon Urban Hybrid A mix of natural grass & knitted artificial grass View
Multi (Sports) Artificial grass for sports applications and playgrounds View
Golf Golf artificial grass with the playing experience of real grass View
Avalon Ecograss Avalon's unique sustainable and recyclable artificial grass View

Trendsetter for artificial grass products

Avalon Grass has an innovative role within the artificial grass industry. We follow developments closely and make products that not only tie in with existing trends, but also create new trends in the market. We produce the artificial grasses in our own factory in the Netherlands. This gives you direct access to the latest and most innovative artificial grass products, with the best quality.

Short lines of communication and large stock

Avalon Grass combines personal service with ample stocks. When you choose Avalon Grass, you choose working with short lines of communication and your own contact person. You also have access to a large stock of artificial grass. Our high stock levels are produced to equivalent specifications and can therefore be delivered quickly.

Innovator in tufted and knitted artificial grass

Avalon Grass artificial grasses stand for quality. For good reason we give a 7-year warranty on our artificial grass. We work exclusively with high-quality raw materials and produce in the Netherlands. We apply our knowledge and experience to exclusive artificial grass products. These include tufted non-directional artificial grasses for landscaping and knitted artificial grasses for specific applications. Our products are produced according to equivalent specifications. As a result, you can rely on receiving products of the same quality when ordering during the season. 

Our product details

7-year guarantee
Quality assured

For a natural look

Made in Holland
Artificial grass of dutch origin

Always resilient

UV stability
Colourfast and shrink-proof

For your company

White label solutions

A large part of our range of artificial grasses is available as a white label product. You receive the artificial grass rolls with standard dimensions in brand-neutral packaging. Under which name you then offer or sell the product to your customers is up to you. 

Would you like additional advice on this? Or sparring with us about the options? Our sales department will be happy to assist you.

Additional business support

For special types of artificial grass

We offer extra business support for our special artificial grasses Pet Grass, Urban Hybrid, EcoGrass and Golf. Avalon Grass can help you achieve your marketing objectives and lead generation, among other things. Curious about the options and what we can do for you? Our sales managers will be happy to tell you more!

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