Urban Hybrid

Urban Hybrid combines the best of both worlds: natural grass and artificial grass

The benefits of Avalon Urban Hybrid

  • a green lawn 365 days a year
  • the feel and look of natural grass with the strength and continuous quality of artificial grass
  • 100% recyclable
  • same maintenance as natural grass
  • 100% draining
  • erosion-resistant
  • developed and produced in the Netherlands
  • exclusively available from Avalon
  • 7-year warranty


Avalon Urban Hybrid

Avalon Urban Hybrid is an innovative knitted artificial grass mat, which can be combined with natural grass. With Avalon Urban Hybrid, your customers have access to a unique product and can enjoy the natural look of grass and the consistent quality and strength of artificial grass. Avalon Urban Hybrid has been developed and produced by Avalon Grass and is available exclusively from Avalon Grass. 

Solid combination of natural and artificial grass

The Avalon Urban Hybrid is a solid knitted artificial grass mat with fibres in different pile heights. The mat has wide openings in the form of a honeycomb structure. These wide openings allow natural grass to grow. The unique knitted honeycomb structure reinforces the root zone of the natural grass. In addition, the artificial grass fibres protect the blades of the natural grass from wear and tear

A green lawn 365 days a year

After installation, the natural grass needs 2 to 3 months to grow through the structure of the knitted mat. The final result: a naturally green lawn 365 days a year!

Our unique knitting technique during production creates artificial grass with a firm structure. This firm structure makes the Avalon Urban Hybrid resistant to mowing and aeration, without being damaged.

Optimal solution for public spaces

Avalon Urban Hybrid is perfect for use in public spaces. This innovative product by Avalon Grass is an excellent choice for, for example, embankments, roundabouts, (play) gardens, camping sites and sports field exit strips.

Applications of Avalon Urban Hybrid

Avalon Urban Hybrid can be used for various purposes:

Sports (golf, football, rugby and cricket);
Schools (schoolyards, football pitches, playgrounds);
Public places (paths, grass surfaces subject to wear, outlet areas);
Erosion protection (embankments and dykes);
Around the house (front & back gardens, patios, terraces).

Avalon Urban Hybrid with fall cushioning

Avalon Urban Hybrid with fall cushioning is a unique and innovative system from Avalon Grass, specially developed and produced for children's playgrounds. This system is made of lightweight materials and has the perfect cushioning surface for the play environment. 

100% Recyclable

During the development of the Avalon Petgrass, we consciously took into account the possibility of being able to recycle the product. For example, we made a careful choice of yarns and all the yarns used come from the same product family, making full recycling possible. 

Our product details

7-year guarantee
Quality assured

For a natural look

Made in Holland
Artificial grass of dutch origin

Always resilient

UV stability
Colourfast and shrink-proof

You will notice the difference

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