Petgrass is a unique and specially developed artificial grass product for pets

The benefits of Avalon Petgrass

  • knitted artificial grass, so the yarns are better anchored in the backing
  • 100% recyclable due to the composition of the material 
  • optimal moisture permeability (factor 400 compared to ordinary artificial grass) 
  • easy to clean with garden hose or high-pressure cleaner
  • Petgrass is made of moisture-repellent materials (no unwanted odours that linger)
  • developed and produced in the Netherlands
  • unique product available only from Avalon
  • 7-year warranty


Special artificial grass for pets

Avalon Petgrass is a unique and specially developed artificial grass product for pets. Avalon Grass itself is the developer and producer of this type of artificial grass, which we are able to offer as the only European manufacturer . When developing this special artificial grass product, we took into account the properties required for safe and sustainable use by animals. For example, Avalon Petgrass has very good moisture permeability and is very strong. In addition, the choice of yarn has taken into account water-repellency, so no unwanted odours remain. Avalon Petgrass is only available through Avalon Grass. In this way, you can offer your customers a unique and innovative knitted artificial grass product for pets.

Artificial grass with strong pile anchoring

Avalon Petgrass is a knitted artificial grass. This specialised production method creates an extra-strong pile anchorage. As a result, this artificial grass retains its strength even when dogs and other pets play intensively on it. In addition, the roughness takes into account the need of dogs to rub or scratch their backs. 

Easy to clean, low-maintenance and odourless

Animals often use grass to do their needs on. With Avalon Petgrass, this is no problem. Knitting makes the artificial grass not only strong, but also moisture-permeable. This means that urine runs off easily and residues from faeces can be easily flushed away. Avalon Petgrass has no latex backing like traditional artificial grass. Moisture repellent material characteristics have been taken into account in the choice of yarn. Also, Avalon Petgrass is installed without an infill of sand, so no unpleasant odours are left behind.

Applications of Avalon Petgrass

Avalon Petgrass artificial grass can be used for, among others:

  • private gardens
  • kennels
  • veterinary practices
  • pet hotels and shelters
  • public exercise areas
  • with drain panelling on existing paved surfaces

Installation of Avalon Petgrass

Before installing the Avalon Petgrass, it is important to lay a good water-permeable foundation. The layer under the Avalon Petgrass should not be sand or lava. Sand or lava are naturally absorbent and therefore retain odours. Avalon Grass recommends a crushed stone underlayer for the correct installation of Avalon Petgrass. After backfilling the foundation, the crushed stone should be compacted and levelled.

As the Avalon Petgrass is a knitted product, it should be anchored at the sides. This can be done by placing a wooden beam at the edges of the surface. The Avalon Petgrass can be nailed to this. It is also possible to anchor the Avalon Petgrass by means of long iron pins.

Avalon Petgrass on sustainable drain panels

DrainPanels are the sustainable tile system for a permeable underlayer paving for Avalon Petgrass. These prefabricated panels have a unique checkerboard pattern that ensures optimal load distribution and a stable surface. In addition, special spikes are attached to the top of the tile system, preventing the artificial grass from shifting.

To connect the slabs together, special connectors have been developed so that the tiles stay firmly together. Moreover, this patented connection system ensures that the slabs can shrink and expand among themselves within their own dimensions when temperatures change. 

100% Recyclable

During the development of the Avalon Petgrass, we consciously took into account the possibility of being able to recycle the product. For example, we made a careful choice of yarns and all the yarns used come from the same product family, making full recycling possible. 

Our product details

7-year guarantee
Quality assured

For a natural look

Made in Holland
Artificial grass of dutch origin

Always resilient

UV stability
Colourfast and shrink-proof

Additional possibilities

For your own sales and marketing

Avalon Petgrass is a high-quality innovative product in the market, with plenty of possibilities and opportunities. Avalon Grass will be happy to support you in taking advantage of these. So that you can use this product in the best possible way for your customers. Curious? Get in touch.

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