Europe’s leading artificial grass supplier

With more than 10 years of experience and many iconic artificial grass models such as the Evergreens and the Vibrant series, Avalon Grass is Europe's leading artificial grass supplier in the higher segment of the artificial grass market with more dedicated production capacity on artificial grass for gardens and landscaping than all of Italy and Germany combined.

Top quality artificial grass supplier

In the end most of the artificial grass for landscaping will end up in a garden. We believe that a reliable artificial grass supplier does not compromise the quality of the grass. Therefore we deliver grass which has stability and reliability over the entire range. It can be sold and installed easily and smoothly without worry.

Stock Service

Having Avalon Grass as your artificial grass supplier means flexibility and comfort as we have all of our grasses on stock and available for you. We stock them in good conditions and supply the grass well-rolled in a good shape to our clients.


Are you looking to build a brand in your region, preferably with your own name? And do you want to have something that your neighbor does not buy in exactly the same place for exactly the same price? Doing this would be in the interest of the average artificial grass supplier. However in our strategy it does not. Here's why:

  • Avalon has no space problem. We don't need to sell first in order to produce more. In fact, we simply produce and stock it so that it is available for you when you need it.
  • We work in the higher segment. This means higher quality and with that you never have the lowest price. Market with these goods takes more time to build as the market has to experience the quality first. However, it also is a more stable market, as competition undercutting your prices does not directly sideline you.

More than just an artificial grass supplier

Avalon is actually more than just an artificial grass supplier. We are an expanding company in an expanding market. This means that we are always growing, but also our network is always growing. We are not just an artificial grass supplier, but a full-on business partner for those bringing our grass to the market.


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Avalon official ESTC member

Avalon official ESTC member

03 December 2021
Invitation FSB 2021; order your free entrance tickets with us!

Invitation FSB 2021; order your free entrance tickets with us!

26 October 2021
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