C2.0 series is Avalon's best product launch ever!

piątek, 10 kwietnia 2015

With the introduction of the C2.0 landscaping series Natural, Spring and Luxury, Avalon sets an internal record for best product launch ever.

Each product of the C2.0 series has been embraced all around the world, and adds to our customers product-mix as the missing link. C2.0 is the latest C-shaped yarn with micro ribs for extra durability, resilience and reduction of shine. Avalon is the exclusive owner of the C2.0 yarn.

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The Avalon product launch show!

The Avalon product launch show!

wtorek, 5 listopada 2019
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Our Evergreens!

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The Avalon house show!

piątek, 13 października 2017
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