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The artificial grass wholesale market is a jungle. There are many distributors of which the majority sells products from the far east. It is sometimes difficult to determine the origin, and those who import products from the far east are not promoting they are buying from the far east.

The solution would be to buy directly at the factory, so that you know where it comes from. Many factories have large minimum order quantities and long production times for their artificial grass wholesale. Mostly the bigger sports project also have priority over smaller projects and over landscaping grass.

This is where Avalon comes in as a factory with artificial grass wholesale stock service. We produce the grass before it is sold and keep it on stock. The advantage is that we are able to offer you the artificial grass wholesale with top quality products in factory prices. We can directly arrange delivery to your warehouse.

A taste of our artificial grass wholesale products:

Vibrant series;  One of the most universal artificial grass types that we offer. With a very strong and natural-looking fiber, the series is resistant and a pleasure to the eye. Due to the relatively high amount of straight fibers, the touch is fairly soft. This is an ideal grass for a family garden.

Evergreen series;  The strongest and most luxurious versions in our artificial grass wholesale program. These grasses have been in our gamma since the start of Avalon and especially installers love it. These are more technical grasses which are really in the top of the market.

Majestic series;  The softest series in our artificial grass wholesale program. These are the more ornamental grasses with a very nice touch and a natural look. These grasses are also known as easy-to-sell grasses as consumers are inclined to choose grass on softness.

Would you like to have more information on our artificial grass wholesale program? Please contact us. 


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Avalon official ESTC member

Avalon official ESTC member

03 December 2021
Invitation FSB 2021; order your free entrance tickets with us!

Invitation FSB 2021; order your free entrance tickets with us!

26 October 2021
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