The Avalon house show!

13. října 2017
The Avalon house show!

The artificial grass market is changing fast. Avalon has the right answer with its new artificial grass collection, which combines great prices with great quality.

We cannot wait to show you the new artificial grasses and invite you to visit our exclusive house show in Aalten (The Netherlands) in November. In the Avalon showroom you'll get to experience our complete artificial grass collection and, if you like, we can combine it with a factory visit. Of course, we'll provide a snack and a drink.

If you are visiting the FSB show in Cologne, we can arrange to pick you up and bring you back free of charge.

If you can't visit us, we'll come to you!

Please let us know what suits you best.
You can use the reply form.

See you in November!
Team Avalon



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The Avalon product launch show!

The Avalon product launch show!

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